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Maxis Taste Dare 31- Gender Bender

Maxis Taste Dare #20: Prom Time!

I randomly stuck the kids in Veronaville for the shoot. I'm not 100% that all my choices here are cricket, but hopefully it'll still be fun, even if I failed the dare.

It's a god-awful small affair...Collapse )

oh, g-d DAMMIT

The game, she is well and truly borked, beyond all borkingham and borkshire.

And of course this happens after I give Mars my base game, and Mer is on the other side of the country. (She's got... 2? of my eps. I can live without her HHS).

I'm pretty pissed off. I spent the last week trying to save the damn thing only to have it fall apart at the last.

And you know the best part? I got so much bad news today. I mean, most of it was more an inconvenience, because broken!phone made me miss calls for work until it was too late, and Carly and I were still burning copies of my last mascot gig past the time I had to leave for an appointment.

I'm going to eat a million puppies to express my ire. And pretend I spelled puppies right the first time.

Happy Birthday, anachronaut & nick_101!

Hee! Time for the white belt and plaid shorts old man! ::special super-awesome birthday bites for Kit!::

Stupid Riverdale

Good. Betty's too good/awesome for his stupid ass anyway. It's ok, Cooper, I still love you and I'm *way* cuter than Andrews.

Their kids will be tremendously stupid. And lame.
Oh my fucking god my brain is bleeding!!!!! No me gusta!!!!! T_T